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RP-8 is a Pico-8 demake of Propellerhead Software's ReBirth RB-338. Like the original, it provides two synth voices, drums, pattern-based sequencing, effects, a pattern mode for immediate hands-on control, and a song mode for recording music. Unlike the original, the audio output is crunchy 8-bit 5.5kHz mono sound, and the user interface is rendered in 16 colors at a chunky 128x128 resolution.

This guide is written in two main parts: a tutorial section that walks you through writing a short song in RP-8, and a reference section that explains the different main components of RP-8 in more detail. If you ever get lost, remember that you can toggle tooltips on and off with t, and access keyboard shortcut reminders with h.

If you are reading the downloadable version of this guide, an online version is also available with a better table of contents and a search feature.

Thanks for trying RP-8, and please feel free to get in touch!